Irish dance fusion groups, 4

Again, I am finding more and more cool Irish dance fusion videos that I just have to share!  I have two videos to share at the moment.  All previous versions of my Irish dance fusion group posts are here: [Number one] [Number two] [Number three]

Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingerberg of TapTronic released a new video in May.  As always, I am impressed with the musicality of their rhythms, and the entire video experience that goes along with it.  They will be performing at nationals on July 4th and 5th, and I am looking forward to seeing their live performance! [Like TapTronic on Facebook] [Follow TapTronic on Twitter]

2013 is definitely going to be a big year for the group called Hammerstep.  After performing at the opening ceremonies of the world championships, they recently auditioned on the show, America's Got Talent.  I see a lot of parallels between their performance and Prodijig's performance on the British show Got to Dance (which they went on to win).  Hammerstep is not a new group in the Irish-fusion circuit.  They have been around since 2009, working on fusing Irish, tap, and hip hop to progress these dance forms. [Check out their website] [Like Hammerstep on Facebook] [Follow Hammerstep on Twitter]

Goals: Finish packing, and continue to drill little things
Days till NANs: 6

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