Irish dance fusion groups, 3

I just have to keep adding to my list of cool Irish dance videos that fuse the traditional Irish steps with new exciting things.  My previous posts can be found in these places:
Original (and why I am doing this)
Version two
I'm going to start out this third edition of fusion groups with a video my none other than dancer extraordinaire and jiggaholic, Ciara Sexton. I love the way she has modernized Irish dance by mixing it with modern dance.  Also love where and how the video was filmed and edited.  [Read Ciara's blog]  [Follow Ciara on twitter]

This next selection I have for you is brought to you by Chris Naish, former Sneaky Stepper and Hammerstep member.  This awesome video is of an improvisational jam session for dancers and musicians that was been held in NYC. This particular video was filmed the day before hurricane Sandy struck   One of the things that really draws me into this video is the fusion of classical works and percussive dancing.  I only wish I had rhythm that snazzy.  [Follow Chris on twitter]

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Goals: Pracitce Hornpipe 2nd and Planxty Drury ending
Days till NANs: 172

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