Irish dance fusion groups, 2

A few months ago I posted about some Irish dance groups that are taking our dance for to the next level by fusing other dance styles with Irish dance.  I would like to say that the buck does not stop with those three groups.  Today, I'm sharing three more.

By now, quite a few people both inside and outside of the Irish dance world have seen Taptronic's video to a dubstep song, "Crave You."  This particular video doesn't show very much in the way of fusing with other styles and the featured dancing is mostly Irish, but something cool to note is that one dancer is wearing traditional Irish dance hard shoes, while the other is wear tap shoes.  This creates an awesome effect because you are hearing two different timbres at the same time.  The tap shoes are slightly higher pitched than the hard shoes.

A video I discovered over the weekend features Colin Dunne, singer Alyth McCormack, bohdran player Aimee Farrell Courtney, and the Notre Dame drumline.  I am assuming this collaboration was a part of the Navy/Notre Dame football game played in Dublin's Aviva Stadium over the September 1st weekend.  This video truly highlights Dunne's innate sense of rhythm, especially in relation to both the drumline and the rhythm of the Gaelic words being sung.  Because of this, I found this piece was very interesting to my musician brain.

Noctu is a show by Riverdance star Breandan de Gallai.  When I first saw the trailer for this show, what really drew me in was the piece choreographed to Stravinsky's Firebird.  This piece has become more well-known since it's feature in Fantasia 2000, but for me as a classically trained musician and Irish dancer, of course it drew me right in.  I'm a sucker for Irish dancing to non-traditional music.  The clip below is just one of many featured on Gallai's Youtube account.  I encourage you to spend some time there watching longer clips of this contemporary Irish dance show.  Oh, and you can follow Noctu on twitter for more news.

Goals: Start PT this week, and do exercises.  Review figure choreography.
Days till Os: 81

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