How I Got Here

How I got here: taking the road less traveled to becoming an Irish dancer.


Desert Lights, part 1

Desert Lights, part 2

Capital, the beginnings and level 7

Capital, level 8

Alex and Injuries


  1. Its so inspirational to know that you started dancing at the age of 18 and in 3 years, became a champion. I'm a new Irish dancer (6 months of dancing) and I'm 13 years old. Most people tell me that I started dance to late and that I might not make it to worlds (my most desired goal). But now that I've read your story, you've given me new hope ! Thank you :,-)

    1. Don't always take what other people say for granted!
      I'm 24 now, (male!), and started dancing about a year ago. I thought I'd never master the first dance and had to stop because I was to old, but thankfully I didn't have to.
      I'll probably never make it to the Worlds, but I don't care: I do what I like. My initial goal was to reach a simple hard-shoe dance, but I'll probably continue after reaching that, as it's so addicting.

      Keep on stretching and practicing and you'll probably get there ;)


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