Pre-Nationals Mini Update

Nationals: Here I go, off to my second north american championship!
  • My goal is to recall, but I don't think I'll be bothered if I don't.  I have made excellent progress in my dancing since the Oireachtas, and I'm feeling good about where I stand, regardless of a nationals recall or not.  I'm trying to take this major with a no-pressure attitude.
  • I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing five days in California at essentially a convention for one of my favorite things in the world.  I'm traveling alone, so Disneyland is probably out of the picture, but I'm hoping to spend lots of time pool-side with a book and an adult beverage when I'm not dancing, and/or making new dance friends.
  • I won second place in the last instagram contest!  My prize is a photoshoot with Prine Photography while I'm in Anaheim, and also to be featured on the poster they are making.  Now, do I go buy a toy Cap shield for this?  I'm thinking yes.
  • If you see me (or a version of me being Captain America), don't hesitate to say hi!  I arrive on the 4th (tomorrow!), dance in senior ladies A split on the 6th, and leave on the 8th.  I will be doing my best to send many updates through social media as I can in Anaheim. [Follow Rince go Bragh on twitter] [Follow sekubik on instagram]

Old Dominion Feis

  • I placed 6th in open champs out of 15 dancers!  This continues to be a huge confidence boost for me, not only because I actually placed in open for the second time in my life, but especially so since my dad took a video of my set and it actually sounds fabulous!  After three years, my set is really becoming awesome.  I hope I can dance it at nationals.
  • All three of my teams dances won!
  • My social media updates were awesome (if I do say so myself).

Happy girl.
Goals: Don't become a head case
Days till NANs: 3

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