Irish Dance How-to: Poodle Sock Monkey

Turn one pair of socks into a plush monkey pet that will be the guardian of your dance bag!  This is the third of three, and the most advanced tutorial in the poodle sock upcycle series featuring this monkey, a vase, and a heat/ice pack.  

  • A link to the tutorial can be found right here.
  • Knee-length socks will make for longer limbs on your monkey, and various sizes (small, medium, large) will make different sized bodies. (I used large knee-length socks and this monkey is 19 inches long!)
  • Try your hand at tie-dying your old socks so your monkey can be fun colors!
  • Be patient when sewing your socks, especially the bubbled part.  That section is particularly stretchy and will try to move around when you're sewing.  Extra pins are awesome.
  • Be gentle when you turn your monkey body and legs back to right-side out.  The crotch area is very stretchy and if stretched out during turning and stuffing, the sewing back up process will be more difficult.  Take your time.
  • A pencil (use the eraser end) or chopstick is useful for not only helping to turn the body parts right-side out, but also for getting the stuffing down into the feet/hands of your monkey.
Stay tuned tomorrow for special Traveling Feis Monkey information!

Goals: Hardshoe stamina
Days till Os: 156

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