Irish Dance How-to: Poodle Sock Vase & Giveaway

Want to win one of these? Read below!

Do you have a poodle sock without a mate?  Retired from dancing and don't know what to do with 25 pairs of socks?  Watch this video to learn an easy way to upcycle your old socks into an adorable vase just in time for spring! 

A few tips:
  • Bleach or tie-dye your old socks to get rid of that weird shade of grey.  Unless of course, you are going for that look!
  • Older socks will be more stretched out.  To keep the project no-sew, use a wider vase.
  • Always see what you have around your house before you buy supplies!  The point is for this project to be as cheap as possible.
  • Email me pictures of your finished vase (RinceGoBraghBlog@gmail.com)!  I am excited to see what other people do, and if I get enough, I can feature some in a post later this month.

To enter the giveaway:
  1. Comment below and answer the question: What is your favorite spring Irish dance memory?
  2. Leave your email in this format so I can notify winners: name at website dot com.
  3. Comments after 23:59 on April 13, 2012 will not be included in the random drawing.

The two giveaway winners will be announced on this blog on April 14, 2012!  May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. Anonymous4.4.12

    1. My favorite spring Irish dance memory is non-existant because I'm not an Irish dancer, I just like reading your blog. Can I still be entered to win these?
    2. katie.kubik@gmail.com
    3. Please pick me; I'm a HUGE fan! :)

    1. Anonymous13.4.12

      What is your favorite spring Irish dance memory- My favorite dance memory would have to be my first feis back after a three year break. I messed up in my treble jig, making up my 2nd step, and ended up placing 2nd in it!

      Email- pinknpretty1212@yahoo.com

  2. Anonymous11.4.12

    1. A few years ago, when I was an Intermediate dancer, my teacher decided to enter me in my first Championship to see how I would cope. There were only three dancers, so I knew no matter what that I would be on the podium. While I was dancing, I tore a muscle in my leg and had to be carried off stage. I was in tears because I wasn't allowed to be placed. I stayed to watch the results, and afterwards when I was being taken to hospital, the girl who got first came running after me and gave me her sash. :')

    2. jaegermanotta@hotmail.co.uk

    1. Anonymous17.11.13

      That is the sweetest thing I ever heard.

  3. Anonymous11.4.12

    My favorite memory is definitely my second/third feis. It was a double feis weekend and I was dancing in hardshoe for the very first time. The first day, I thought I did only okay. I went to check the results--STRAIGHT FIRSTS :O
    The second day, I knew I had to try harder to do it all again, and I DID!
    I have not had a prouder moment since. (:

  4. My favorite memory is watching my daughter place third twice in her very first feis (and she only did two dances). My second favorite memory is every dance since. You can find me at inbox(at)whatthefeis.com :) Oh, and if I win, my daughter gets the prize.

  5. Anonymous13.4.12

    My favorite memory so far (I don't compete yet) is my dance teacher telling me that my reel is awesome and that it's like the reel was made for me, I dance it so well. :) It was so great to hear that, especially because I am a beginner!
    My E-mail is sakura_efreet at yahoo dot com (replace the at with @ and dot com with .com) :).

  6. Anonymous13.4.12

    My favorite spring memory is definitely my first feis. I was so sick (had the flu) so my goal was to just not to come in last. I was thrilled when I placed third in both of my dances.

    What a great idea for those lonely poodle socks! Thanks for a great blog!

    irishdancing1 at gmail dot com


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