The Traveling Feis Monkey

In my last Irish dance how-to, I made a poodle sock monkey.  Right after her birth, I realized this monkey is destined for something greater than making friends with the duct tape balls in my dance bag.  The way her button eyes looked at me pleaded for more company than ankle braces and hard shoes.  She seemed as if was meant to travel and meet other Irish dancers across the United States, and possibly the world to be social and learn from others.  From then on, she became known to me as the Traveling Feis Monkey, and she is looking for other Irish dancers to have a good adventure with.

What you'll be doing is simple:
  • Host the monkey for a week.  Show her a good Irish dancer time.
  • Upload pictures of the adventures the monkey goes on: Feiseanna?  Dance camp?  Team practices?  The choice is yours!
  • Write diary entries, or even a story of the Traveling Feis Monkey's adventures.  These stories will be featured both on Facebook, and on this blog!
  • If you're crafty, make an outfit for her.  Does she become an honorary team mascot?  Will she ever earn her solo dress?  Maybe a 'spray tanning' service?
  • After your week, you will send her on her way to the next dancer.

To be a part of the Traveling Feis Monkey's adventures: 
  1. Email RinceGoBraghBlog@gmail.com (that's me!)
  2. Use "Feis Monkey" as the subject.
  3. In the body of the email, enclose your name, what level dancer you (or your child) are, your city and state, and any other interesting thing you think I should know.  Don't worry, I am the only one who will see this info!
  4. Entries are due Friday, July 13th at midnight EST!

I will choose 10-15 entries, the number being based on interest in the project.  The final list of participants will be emailed with all the details they need on July 15th.

In the meantime, "Like" the Traveling Feis Monkey on Facebook to see what fun things she is up to right now!

Goals: Each hardshoe dance three times for stamina
Days till Os: 155

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