Irish Dance How-to: Poodle sock hot/ice pack

This month's first Irish dance how-to is still going along the theme of upcyclying old poodle socks.  This tutorial is a little harder than April's, and the tutorial being released at the end of the month is the hardest of the three poodle sock tutorials.

  • Use older and slightly stretched out poodle socks.  Your hot/ice pack will be bigger.
  • Don't start sewing in the corner like I did.  It makes it harder to sew up after you flip the hot/ice pack right-side out.  It is easier if you start in the middle of one of the longer sides
  • Leave more room than you think open so you don't have to struggle to flip the hot/ice pack right-side out after machine sewing!
  • A funnel would be helpful for putting the rice into your hot/ice pack
  • For a cold pack: leave it in the freezer overnight
  • For a heat pack: microwave in 30 second intervals until warm

Stay tuned for the last of the poodle sock upcycles, being released June 27th!


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