STFU about Riverdance

June 24th was Sara's birthday, so she decided that for her present she'd like Riverdance tickets.  We decided to go to their very last performance on the last day at the very last time so we'd have bragging rights to saying we've been to the final performance in the United States.  This ended up being a special night partly because it was them saying good bye to American performances and because of Sara's passion towards Irish dancing and being able to see it live... even though this was the fourth show she was going to see.

Anyways, back to me. 

So, I rarely get goosebumps from something being really good or really exciting, especially when it comes to dancing or to music... I have to admit it does not happen too often.  For me to get goosebumps, it has to be something spectacular, something draw dropping and phenomenal.  As the whole company came out onto the stage and began dancing simultaneously, that thunderous pounding of their hard shoes onto the stage created the most awesome noise I have ever heard when it comes to live performances.  The booming of every dancers feet slamming down on the ground along with the background music was amazing.  Even when the cast went a capella it was just as well done.  What do you know, at the end I was shivering and had goosebumps everywhere.  Seeing that in person was 10^1,000,000 times better than seeing it on a screen at home.  Reel Around the Sun, Riverdance, the finale were my favorite parts of the show.

I give Riverdance: The Show (live) two thumbs up!  It truly is an event you need to witness in person.  Go buy your tickets, schedule a date and go see it live... Oh wait!  You can't!  Because Sara and I went to their last show in the United States!!!!  Uh!  What!?  What now!?

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