Blog Challenge: Confidence at my first Oireachtas

This month's blog challenge by The Dance Buzz is a writing prompt: "Dance is both confidence building and humbling.  Write about a time you experienced either."

The last dance practice before my first Oireachtas was one of those rare times in my dance career that everything felt like it had clicked into place.  I remember going through each and every one of my dances and just feeling like I was nailing everything.  I knew I wasn't the best dancer going to compete, but there was this part of me deep down that knew I was good enough to recall.  Even though it was my first Oireachtas.  And I had only been dancing for two years.  At the end of class, I asked my fellow dancers and  my TCRG if there are any tips, what to expect, etc.  I was told that I had put in so much work so I should go enjoy it, have fun, and to do my best.

Putting on my game face before warming up.
The morning of my solo competition, I was completely on time with getting ready.  Equipped with my iPod, I had given myself an hour to find an isolated spot in the venue to warm up and get in the zone.  This was surprisingly easy.  I went into this competition without putting pressure on myself, so it was just me and the dance.  I wasn't worried about recalling.  It would be nice if I did, but I knew it was my first Oireachtas, so I was just there to showcase my best dancing.  As I was warming up, I still felt that super confidence in each stretch and every drill I did.  One of my feis-mates was watching from afar and even complimented my on my improvement.  With one last listen to my inspirational song, I was off to dance my first round, treble jig.

There is one moment of dancing that stands out for me from this competition.  It is the first few seconds of my second round, slip jig: And one two switch, step over down... I experienced this sensation in my first leap of hanging in the air for what seemed like an eternity.  I could see everything happening from my point of view on the stage, but I could also see this perfect leap both from above and from the audience's view.  To this day, I cannot remember a better leap, a better single moment of dancing.

After finishing my two rounds and having lunch, recalls were finally going to be announced.  I was standing by a wall in the hall right next to a younger dancer (my feis sister) from my school and her mom.  The announcer began reading off the numbers of the dancers who have recalled and would dance their set dance in the next and last round.  I couldn't breathe.  1, 2... Had I danced well enough? ...3, 4... Could the judges tell it was my first Oireachtas? ...6, 7... What was my number again? ...9, 10... Oh, 18, it's right here in my hand. ...16, 17, 18.  My knees gave way, I was sitting on the floor crying and being tackled by my feis sister and her mom.  I did it.  I had just recalled at my first Oireachtas.

Goals: Slip jig lead.  Make one.
Days till Os: 165


  1. Loved your story <3

  2. LOVE this story! I am getting ready for a feis on Saturday, which I am SO nervous about...I can feel your confidence vibes! Thank you!

  3. Excellent story! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks! Going to my first Oireachtas in a few days and I am super nervous!


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