Injured: The happy ending

I went to my very last doctor's visit yesterday morning.  The funny part about this appointment was that I spent more time waiting around than him actually visiting me.  He came into the room, looked over the note from my physical therapist, and asked if I hurt and what I was doing.  After assessing all this, he said I didn't have to see him again, but to still take it easy if my ankle hurt (I did tear three ligaments after all).

Today, I graduate from physical therapy.

Because of all this wonderful news, I decided to register for the Nation's Capital feis next month.  I am feeling extra motivated right now, especially after attending Old Dominion feis to run stages.  Being there without dancing was bittersweet: I know I would not have done all that well since I began easing into dance a month ago, but being there all day had me really itching to put my solo dress on...

Last night was my first hardcore practice since my time easing back into dance last month.  Inspired by being cleared by my doctor and by the feis this weekend, I decided to run through all three rounds, including the new slip jig steps I tweaked.  In honor of this practice, I wore a new Pinterest and Feisonista-inspired outfit, which came in especially handy in my lack-of-circulating-air practice area.

I am lucky to have a practice area that I can use at essentially any time.  It's a racquetball court, so the downsides are no mirrors and it's extremely loud, but the floor is nice and it's spacious.  I am very much lacking in stamina and general leg strength due to being out for so long, but I am planning on practicing in my space two or more times a week until the feis.  Have a video montage of last night's practice session, including all my wonderful brain farts:

Goals: Stamina and cross
Days till Os: 163


  1. Yay for you! I broke my foot in March and now I'm getting back to dance as well, so reading your blog was kind of relief for me- I wasn't alone. The video is lovely *.* Keep dancing- carefully ;)

  2. Cécile in Paris23.6.12

    Whoah! For someone just recovering from an injury, that practice looked pretty good! Very happy for you.


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