The Oireachtas.

Feis report: Southern Region Oireachtas
It all started out VERY early after our late flight in on Friday night. It was nice when I finally got to the Sheraton to warm up. I got to be in my own world and psych myself up by doing the best warm up ever; I felt ready for the first time since I decided I was going to go to the Os. I think I did my best dancing ever that day. I felt so confident getting up on stage for heavy round, and knew as I get off that I did my best (while struggling to breathe; the carpet fibers were in the air, on shoes, everywhere). My light shoe round was amazing. Have I mentioned that I feel like flying when I do my slip jig? Well, I floated around the stage and again, felt amazing when I finished. So amazing, even, that a judge gave me 3rd place out of my entire competiton.
After waiting for two hours, they finally began calling out the numbers of people who recalled, my hear started beating so fast. When they finally called my number, I literally melted on the floor. It was abit overwhelming, and like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I did it; I recalled, surpassing all my goals for the Os and achieving my dreams. Dancing my set was the most fun part of the day. I knew I had recalled, and I wasn't pressured to qualify for worlds, so whatever happened would happen. It was the best set I've ever danced. More waiting ensued. Awards was exciting for everyone; when they called us up to the side of the stage for awards, I was so excited. All of us ladies U20 recallers stood in a circle, holding hands right up until they stated calling up the 12 world qualifiers. By then, each of us was praying for our number to be called... When they finally did call mine, it was one of the most awesome feelings to walk up on that stage and revel in the rewards of my hard work. I never stopped smiling while I was up there. It was the best feeling in the world.

Another early morning, but this time for our little team dance. After all the stress and craziness of Saturday's events, it was nice to have some fun up on the stage. We didn't place in the top half, but I know I had fun dancing. It was also neat to watch the figure choreography (Where we got jipped. Ugh, don't even start) and the dance drama.
Up next: CCE feis, May 30

I can't wait till the next Oireachtas!

Goals: Fix trebles
Days till NANs: 205

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