Summer weekly workout: Ballet Conditioning

My summer TV schedule is always chock full of dance shows, the usual being Fox's So You Think You Can Dance and Lifetime's Dance Moms.  I am addicted to all things about that show, even though it seems rigged for contemporary dancers.  No hate though, because  an Irish dancer was featured last year.

This summer is especially exciting with the premier of Breaking Pointe on the CW and Bunheads on ABC Family.  This basically means I am completely interested in the whole ballet more so than normal.  (Did I mention I almost got serious with ballet after college instead of Irish?)  I'm so interested in ballet that when I saw this workout DVD in my public library the other week I got inordinately excited.  Mostly because ballerinas are known for their exacting technique (read: turnout), so any extra help in that department is welcome, but also partially because maybe I had found a workout DVD that wasn't too cheesy or too easy!

I was expecting some excellent stretches and barre exercises.  Nothing so difficult that a dancer who's currently training couldn't handle.  I had taken ballet classes a year ago in my preparation for worlds and had really noticed a difference in my dancing.  This DVD, however was much more than expected.  It was hard.  The gentle beginning stretched led into difficult pliĆ© sequence at the barre that left your thighs burning.  The pliĆ© sequence flowed on into tendus that left me questioning why I cannot balance while holding my leg up, a skill I thought I mastered as a child.  It was a wonderful workout that left me with jelloid legs and the resolve to be better the next time.  I decided I will do this 50 minute video once a week this summer until it is easy.

Have you tried a workout DVD that pushed your limits or strength or flexibility?  Would you give into the ballet craze and try this workout?

Goals: Do the weekly workout
Days till Os: 167

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  1. I have done Irish since I was 14 but tried out ballet in college. I took a break from all kinds of dance for a few years. I saw this exact DVD when I was getting back into dance and it kicked my butt! So glad you posted about it because I could not remember what it was called. I want to do it again and you just reminded me. Thanks!!


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