Mini Update

Injury recovery
  • I have finished my first round of physical therapy!  Already, my ankle is nearly back to full strength and flexibility.
  • I began my second round of physical therapy three weeks ago and will finish the day before I leave for New Orleans.  This was recommended for extra strength since I'm still not 100% back with my dancing abilities.
  • At my recent visit to my podiatrist, he said that everything was healing nice and tight like it should. 
  • My dancing is improving on the daily.  As of Monday, my slip jig is finally feeling back to it's pre-injury self, I even added an over back into my lead!  My hard shoe focus is mainly getting my stamina back up.
  • Fun fact: I use a roll and a half of athletic tape each day I dance to tape up both ankles for injury prevention and maintenance.  I own a case of athletic tape for this reason, and I will probably be halfway through this box by Oireachtas.

Oireachtas news
  • My confirmed dances for the big day: solos (senior ladies), mixed four-hand, ladies eight-hand, and figure choreography.  It promises to be a long day since the southern region so lovingly puts all the senior solos and all teams on the same day.
  • I designed the shirts you'll see my dance school wearing at this years Oireachtas.  I won't give any sneak previews, though.  You'll have to wait till the SRO to see them, but let me say, we will stand out.
  • We recently were on a two week break with dance classes, and while it doesn't fall at the most opportune time, I was able to fit in small drilling sessions at home, which have had varying degrees of success.  Less success after Sandy hit and I got behind in job things.
Other dance things
  • October has passed, and with it my five year dance-iversary!  Happy five years of dancing to me.
  • This past weekend was Feis Culkin, which I chose not dance in.  I decided to save my ankles from intense competition until my Oireachtas marathon day.  Regardless, I did have nightmares the night before the feis about showing up late to dance even though I wasn't registered.
  • Check out these pants.  Just look at how perfectly they match my solo.  Plan on me wearing them at the Oireachtas.
  • Also in my Oireachtas fashion suitcase: this Captain America shirt to rock on the day that I'm dancing so I can be the Star Spangled Girl with the Curls.  I still have to do some tailoring for easy over the wig removal...
Goals: Stamina/sharpen steps
Days till Os: 25


  1. Sara, I am definitely using you as my inspiration. I *just* broke my foot tonight at my Irish dance class. I'm an Open dancer, but I don't compete anymore. I just dance for fun and for performances. Keep going, I'm rooting for you from the sidelines! ~ Jenny

  2. LOVE those matching pants! SO FUN :) Good luck prepping for the O!! I'm currently trying to finagle time in my schedule to be there to watch!!


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