A Winter Poodle Sock Craft

In which I become sentimental about socks. Fairly warned be ye, says I.

As I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across this really adorable pin of a sock snowman.  Of course my first thought was 'poodle socks?!'  Upon closer inspection, and after seeing the materials list, I just knew these adorable little snowmen had to be created.  I take no responsibility for the creation of this craft, so the tutorial can be found at this lovely blog.

On Sunday, I made a trip to my local Dollar Tree to find cheap ankle socks for sweaters and dry beans to stuff my snowmen.  After cutting up my loved pair of sparkle poodle socks (and raiding my prized crystal collection), this was the result.  Warning: cute overload.  Also, noses still needed.

These little guys are quite special to me.  As I acquired new (still unworn) sparkle socks in May, I felt the need to immortalize my previous pair.  these snowpeople are made of more than meets the eye.  These socks were bought in Florida for the 2010 nationals.  I was wearing these socks both times I won my prelim champion competitions.  They were worn for my first open champion feis, and also traveled with me to Dublin, Ireland as I danced at my first world championships.  These socks saw some lower moments too.  They were with me when I experienced the bittersweet sting of placing one spot shy of being a world qualifier...twice.  And the last time I wore these socks?  I tore three ligaments in my right ankle.

Do you have a special pair of socks?  Share your story below!

Goals: Finish stoning dress, don't overdo dancing
Days till Os: 12

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