The Star Spangled Girl with the Curls.

I am drawing a lot of inspiration from Captain America at the moment.  He is my superhero role model.  This is partly because Chris Evans is ohmygosh gorgeous and Avengers is my favorite movie.  Besides that, here's why:

I am a pre-serum Steve Rogers.  My leg is scrawny from all the time spent immobilized in my boot.  I have ankle issues.  My strength is not the best.  But will I give up?  No.  Steve didn't back down from bullies, so I'm not going to give up on this Oireachtas dream.

Steve was approached by Dr. Erksine and agreed to undergo the transformation to a super solider.  Lucky for him, he had a whole team of scientists there to assist the transformation, including Howard Stark.  All he did was show up, jump in a machine, and bam, super solider.  I on the other hand will be undergoing my transformation with my own will power and help from my humble little team of my TCRG, my podiatrist, and my physical therapist.

Captain America is a peak physical and mental condition, an aspect I'm striving for in my own dancing.  He is hard-working, loyal, and noble.  He is the best of the best in the Marvel universe.  Plus, Captain America's personality is just so intrinsically good, how can he not be a good role model for everything aspect of life?

All I need is a portable plushie Cap toy to keep in my dance bag and remind me to be the best of the best.

And also, how cool would this be as a solo dress?!
Goals: Treble jig stamina
Days till Os: 53


  1. That dress and those red ghillies...YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! Keep working and get strong! Everyone is cheering for you!

  2. I'm sure there's a plushie out there of Captain America somewhere - but there are always action figures! You can do it, Sara! :)


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