Irish dance is cool, people.

At least, that's what dancers Peter Harding and Suzanne Cleary of Up & Over it have to say in this post for the UK's Fringe blog.

The article goes boils down to the statement that although Irish dancing itself is an old folk art form, the performance and show aspect of dance is a relatively new concept (beginning in 1994 with Riverdance).  In a world that now hosts not only Up & Over It, but also Taptronic and Prodijig, how could Irish dance be seen as anything but cool?  I have posted earlier in the year about these aforementioned groups (and others!) that are pushing the boundaries in performances, but this post sums up the essence of why mainstreaming is so important for this dance style.

Take a few minutes for yourself today, and read what's said.  
Do you agree with what the article has to say?

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