2010 goals and other odds and ends

Happy new year!

Without further ado, my dance goals for 2010:
1. Place regularly, and win at least one prelim competiton
2. Don't get last at Nationals
3. Recall at the Oireachtas

Right after the new year (and after not dancing since the Oireachtas), we had a two day workshop to learn our new steps for the year. I am doing slip jig and treble jig again, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I love slip jig, and am pretty good at it, and love the feeling of flying. A curse because these treble jig steps have quite a few rhythm parts in them. I am not the best at rhythm, and I now know why. Apparently I've been trebling wrong. And no one could have told me this before?

It's a good thing Nationals are about six months away, I have to re-train my body to do the most simple thing. (Frustrated)

Goals: Fix trebles
Days till NANs: 176

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