Post Oireachtas Poetry

‘Tis the week after the Oireachtas, and meanwhile at George Mason,
The finals are here, which I won’t be acing.
My books haven’t been touched for the last month or two,
And tomorrow I have at least four papers due.

My roommates are snuggled all warm in their beds;
Everything they need to know is all in their heads.
As I stand here looking upon my pile of work,
The amount of stuff to be done has me quite irked.

Instead of filling my brain with notes galore,
My feet have more blisters and my calf muscles are sore.
My turn out is flawless, my leaps are pristine,
And my hard shoes still have that post-feis gleam!

To heck with my finals! Long live the dance!
I leave studying to practice without a backward glance.
May as well practice while I still have that glow…
Only a year to prepare for the next SRO.

More about the Oireachtas to come soon...

Goals: Ace those finals
Days till NANs: 208

1 comment:

  1. Kasia7.12.09

    I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can so relate to that right now!

    Congrats on qualifying for NANS! Enjoy your Disney vacation! =]


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