Surgery Update, part 2

When I last posted, I was just about to start physical therapy.  Now, I am a little over two months out from surgery, and I have come so far since then!

My first week of PT was tough.  I was weaning myself off crutches that week, as well as learning that PT after surgery is apparently more painful than PT after healing from an injury.  I had barely any movement when I first started, in my third week out from surgery.  Now, I am through my initial six weeks of PT, and set to do four more weeks.

I was one hundred percent off crutches my fourth week after surgery.  That was the week that I also received a wonderful shirt made by my dance buddies.  They were making shirts for nationals, and wanted to make sure I was included too!  It was a nice surprise, and nearly made me tear up with all their kind get-well messages.

Six weeks out from surgery was one of my most exciting weeks yet.  I was finally able to give the boot the boot!  I spent the week relishing in the feeling of wearing two shoes again as I went on a vacation to Ann Arbor, Michigan with my mom and one of my sisters.  I spent a lot of time walking around the Michigan campus, and the general downtown area, all the time (mostly) happy that I had shoes that matched.

I have probably a week or two before I can slowly start into dancing again, but I already have my back to dance outfit chosen!  I found the shirt at TJ Maxx and couldn't in good faith as an Irish dancer, pass it up.  The shoes are my I Can Wear Two Shoes Again present to myself.  They're Nike Free shoes, and I know they will be invaluable as I ease back into dancing, especially during long ceili practices.

It may be a month or so until my next post here, so fear not in my silence! Work will be starting up next week, and I expect it will take a few weeks to settle into my schedule after all the Back-to-School-Nights, physical therapy, beginning of fall dance classes, and weekend excursions planned.

Goals: Keep up my PT exercises
Days till Os: 108

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