Surgery Update, part 1

As you all possibly know, I had my ankle surgery on June 18th to clean up scar tissue and tighten up some lateral ankle ligaments (with the Brรถstrom procedure).  My podiatrist deemed it a success!  It has now officially been three weeks since surgery, and look how my ankle is healing!  Even through the really messy pictures from 1-2 weeks after my surgery, my podiatrist said ,"Looking good."

Weeks 1-3
The first week after my surgery was the most difficult, as I was the most "helpless."  I got to stay at my parents' house since they have less stairs, and someone there to take care of me at all times of the day.  I spent a lot of time on the couch, mainly watching soccer and napping while listening to audio books.  I also celebrated turning a quarter of a century with a Captain America themed party (of course).

The second week after my surgery, I moved back to my apartment.  In the latter part of the week, I was able to get rid of the splint, and go into the boot with partial weight bearing on my ankle--one week ahead of schedule!  Having a removable boot made it possible for me to spend time at the pool now, in supplement to spending time on the couch, this time watching Orange is the New Black.

This third week after surgery was spent voraciously keeping up with information from the North American Irish Dance Championships.  QuickFeis was very helpful this year!  I also got to participate in the lighting of fireworks!

I went back to the podiatrist this past Monday, and while I'm still in the boot, my goal for this week is to wean myself off crutches (still ahead of schedule!), and start physical therapy (I go tomorrow).

From the last day of June onwards, I have also been completing a daily workout routine (modified of course because of my injury), and I promise to share more about that with you in my next blog post!

Goal: Get rid of the crutches
Days till Os:150


  1. Hi Sara!

    I wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. I started Irish Dance in April at the ripe old age of 24. It was something I always wanted to do, but was too busy with school and other activities to convince my parents to let me join. I'm so glad I finally did, I feel like a better and more complete person now that I dance. I sometimes joke about getting to open champs one day, but after reading your blog, I now know that it is possible. That thought is motivation to be the best that I can be. I can only hope I am half as good as you. :)

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back at it soon!

    1. Anonymous15.7.14

      Hi Kay, hold on to your dream! I started at 29 years old and danced at the Worlds a month before turning 37. If I could do it, so can you!

    2. Anonymous10.7.15

      Ladies, I am so happy to read this. I'm 26 and just starting back to dance after a SEVENTEEN year break. Ouch. And I was secretly wishing I could still have a shot at a major comp some day and that they don't just cut you out at 21. I'm so happy to know that I'm not too old!


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