Mini Update: May Feis Madness

Holy Angels Feis:

  • My first feis post-injury went well enough to meet my goals of being able to dance all three rounds all the way through.  I didn't place overall (I was one away), but I did place in my heavy and light shoe rounds.
  • The best part of the feis was being able to see a feis friend that I haven't seen since nationals last summer.
  • (This feis opportunity brought to you by the large number of times I stayed in Marriott hotels last year--almost all due to dance-- because I had a free stay!)

CCE Feis:

  • Of the three feiseanna, this feis was my weakest performance.  I mucked up my treble jig lead, which didn't start things off well.  I felt that I redeemed myself in my soft shoe and set round, but I think the non-rotating panel had already formed their opinion.  I was placed near the bottom of the pack, and I deserved it.

Hurley Feis:

  • This feis was definitely my best performance of the three.  Out of 26 dancers, I placed 11th!  (Just think of how well I could have done if I was putting all effort into preparing for nationals!)  
  • My favorite part of this feis were the comments I received.  Two separate judges commented on my set, one saying, "Nice set," and the other, "Set nice style."  I have been learning a hornpipe set to replace Planxty Drury, so as a possible last performance in competition, I was overjoyed.  I have never received comments like this on my dancing, so I must have killed it!

Surgery updates:

  • One week until my surgery!  I will be having arthroscopic surgery on my right ankle to tighten up the ligaments I've now torn multiple times, and to clean up the scar tissue.  I will be non-weight bearing for three weeks, followed by time in the boot, and finally ten (or more) weeks of physical therapy.
  • Until then, I am continuing to go attend as many dance classes as I can.  I have one tonight, and my last pre-surgery dance class on Monday.
  • My hope is to be back into dancing enough to attend the SRO.  As a team dancer at the very least.

Help me get rid of some of my extra dancing stuff!

  • Check out this post on tumblr.  I have two pairs of heavy shoes and one wig that are available for pay what you can plus shipping from Virginia.  If what you can pay is just shipping, then I'm okay with that.  I'd really like to ship these off by Friday before I move!

Goals: Pack everything at home and classroom, finish grades
Days till Os: 178

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