Mini Update: St Pat's Edition

Hello Irish dance fans!  March Madness has come and finally gone in a blur of wigs and shiny objects.  I sat out for much of the St. Pat's activities, as I was at that fine line of kind-of-still-injured-but-can-dance-a-little, but I still was able to contribute in my way between physical therapy appointments and work obligations.

I attended the D.C. St. Patrick's Day parade to help organize the little ones as they did their jigs and reels down Constitution Avenue. It was a very cold day, and I was almost sad to not be dancing since it would have helped keep me warm!
Can you spot me in the back?
I also was able to dance at the festival spectacle that was Shamrockfest at RFK stadium.  I was very thankful for the beautiful weather we had that day.  There have been years past that it was cold, or it rained and made the stages completely un-danceable.

This is a lovely picture of my backside.
Of course, I also celebrated in my classroom by teaching my students a few different ceilis from the book. (We walked them!) We culminated our activities by watching Lord of the Dance, a surprising favorite for some of the fourth and fifth graders.  Maybe I am inspiring new Irish dancers!

Goals: build up stamina
Days till Os: 227

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