Mini Update

Injury recovery:

  • Things are going swell!  I tape up my ankle for each dance class I go to for safety measures.  I am finally getting my stamina and confidence back (and just in time for three back-to-back weekends of feiseanna).
  • I have started learning a new set dance (Lodge Road) and hope to have it completed before surgery.  You know, so I can sit around and not dance it for three months, before seeing if I can remember it for the Oireachtas.

  • I will be traveling to three feiseanna in the next three weekends!  I am really excited to have the chance to compete before I go in for my surgery.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these won't be my only feiseanna for the year.
  • First up is the Holy Angels Feis in Charlotte this weekend.  I've never been to this feis before, and the overall cap was really small, so I'm hoping for a low-key return to competition.  Mind you, my competition is 16 and over, so it will be fun to compete with people nearly ten years younger than I.
  • Next will be CCE (preceded by a day at the Virginia Renaissance Festival).  I am bummed that this feis has changed to three rounds.  As bad as this is to say, I was looking forward to not having to dance my treble jig.
  • Finally for May will be a new feis in Maryland, the Hurley Feis.  
Antonio Pacelli:

  • Last month's post resurrected a Rince go Bragh blog post from two and a half years ago.  Check out the most recent revision of 'Dancing Frugally,' and don't forget to check back on the community section frequently to read other bloggers' content.


  • This fantastic edit was found floating around tumblr.  I think it's hilarious.
  • My grandfather built me this beautiful shelf to showcase my dancing awards!

Goals: Make it through three rounds on Saturday
Days till Os: 213

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