Parade of Champions: a book review

Parade of Champions: Inspiration for Irish Dancers is my newest favorite source for Irish dancing inspiration.  The book takes a look at 57 different people involved in Irish dancing and brings straight to you the secrets of their success.  Many of the top names in Irish dancing today have contributed, and high quality photos accompany nearly all the inspirational messages.  As St. Patrick's season approaches (with worlds a month and a half away), I highly recommend Parade of Champions for Irish dancers of any age and experience level.

Hands down, my favorite part of this book are the encouragements and personal stories!  I am finding myself in yet another dancing rut, facing months injury recovery this year, and after reading through Parade of Champions, I am ready to face this year and get back into my dancing! (Safely, after healing of course.)

My second favorite part of the book is the variety of dancers (and teachers!) that are included in Parade of Champions.  There are of course blurbs from the top dancers in the world, but there were quite a few names I didn't recognize right away.  I also really enjoyed seeing dancers and teachers from all over the world being represented.

I also really am a fan of the quality of pictures used.  They are so vibrant and colorful!  I think that we will all look back in ten years and be able to accurately reminisce on the feis fashions of the mid-2010s.

This book is available for digital download (which worked very well with my Kindle app), or in actual physical form, and can be found by visiting their website.

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