2014 Goals and Other Odds and Ends

I have procrastinated this year on my annual yearly goals post.  (In fact, I have procrastinated too much on blogging all together since my last post).  My 2014 goals officially include:

  1. Heal my ankle.
  2. Post on Rince go Bragh biweekly.
  3. Feis as much as possible in May and June.
  4. Heal from ankle surgery.
2014 has not been the best start to my new.  The second week in January, I was practicing slip jig at dance, and landed a jump wrong and tore two ligaments in my right ankle.  Two ligaments that were previously been torn in 2012, the last time I had slip jigs as my soft shoe dance.  Since I've now torn ligaments in this ankle five times, my podiatrist suggested I have surgery to a) tighten my loose and unstable ligaments, and b) clean up the scar tissue that has formed.  

I will be having surgery instead of attending nationals this summer.  I am yet unsure of the recovery and rehabilitation time.  Will Oireachtas be part of my dancing career this year?  Will I be able to keep my ankles healthy for another two years to chase my world qualification goal?  If I have to put off qualifying events for so long, will my perseverance even be paid off with an actual world qualification?

I wish I had the answers to these questions.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Feiseanna I want to attend (barring ankle health and willingness to travel):
    • McGrath Feis (I'm registered.  I'll be there.  Will I dance?  Probably not.)
    • Holy Angels Feis
    • CCE Feis
    • Hurley School Feis (A new northern SR feis?!)
    • Feile Rince Charlotte
    • Old Dominion Feis
  • Have you been over to Antonio Pacelli's new community section on their website lately?  I blog there monthly with separate content from Rince go Bragh!  Be sure to take a look at other blogger's content as well! [Check it out!]
Goals: Don't dance yet.  Don't do it.
Days till Os: 292

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  1. I heal my leg too. I wish you fast healing!


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