Adventures in Cross training: Bikram yoga

My first foray into Bikram yoga was just after the new year turned this year.  I purchased a 10 visit Groupon deal for a studio that was relatively-near-but-not-really close to my house.  I had heard awesome things about Bikram.  I was both looking forward to and dreading my first class in the 105 degree room.  I figured not only would this particular style of yoga help my body, but the whole mental aspect of perseverance through heat would be beneficial as well.

This summer, I again turned to Bikram in August with the purchase of another Groupon (or possibly LivingSocial) deal for a Bikram studio much closer to my house.  I really wish that a) I had more time in the day, and b) classes weren't so darn expensive because Bikram is something I'd love to practice at least three times a week now that I found a studio I like.

What is Bikram yoga?
It is a type of hatha yoga (which focuses on physical and mental strength building exercises and postures).  There are 26 different postures that are repeated as well as two breathing exercises.

What are classes like?
Hot.  Very hot.  And also humid.  Classes are 90 minutes long and consist of a standing series, a balancing series, and also a floor series with a large focus on back strengthening exercises.  You will sweat.  A lot.  Be sure to bring towels not only to stand on, but also to wipe your sweat off afterwards.

How will my body benefit?
You will feel very stretched out and lovely, as heat plus stretching equals great things.  Your back will feel stronger after the spine strengthening series.  Your mind will feel very accomplished that you made it through a class in a very hot room.  And those are just my favorite things!  There are also a bunch of different supposed benefits to each pose (some promote weight loss, others stimulate different organs. A list can be found here).

Where can I sign up?
In my area at the very least, I have many different options of where to go practice.  I have found that Groupon, LivingSocial, and Amazon Local often have vouchers for Bikram yoga.  Check there first so you can have a trial before purchasing expensive class packages.

Goals: Stamina on hornpipe
Days till Os: 59


  1. I've wanted to try hot yoga, but there aren't any nearby studios that offer it. I do regular yoga a couple times a week though and love it! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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