Mini Update

Oireachtas Prep

  • With the Oireachtas being a month away, I have really solidified my goals.  I am determined that this is my year.  I have two goals within reach (and one other secret goal) which include: 
    1. Be a world qualifier, and
    2. Place in the top ten.
  • I have been working on stamina lately, and am feeling less and less exhausted at the end of each dance.  Well, this is not entirely true.  I am less tired at the end of the first time through each dance.
  • Have I mentioned the teams I am on?  Along with solos, I will also be part of a mixed 4, a mixed 8, and the senior girls choreography.

Rhythm of Ireland Feis

  • I felt fairly confident in my dancing for the day, at least in those moments when I wasn't bumping into the gal I was sharing the stage with.  Our steps followed similar path, and we were constantly vying for the same space on the stage.  Despite that, nothing seemed to go horribly wrong.
  • I was slightly shocked when placements were called!  Until that weekend, I had never placed above 6th in an open champion competition, and lo and behold, I found myself not only on the podium for third place, I also received a sash and lovely plate!  This gave me a great confidence boost.  It's great to have proof that my hard work it playing off.
  • This was also the most fun I'd ever had at a local feis.  I greatly enjoy spending time with the particular group of senior ladies that are both within my dance school, and that I see only at competitions.  There is a lot of camaraderie between all of us.  The Maple seniors spend some time before awards playing a favorite game of mine, Cards Against Humanity, and it may just be a feis staple from now on!

Coyle Feis: I will be there this weekend!  My goal is to recall in this large and out of region group.

Non-dancing tidbits

  • Work is going well!  My 4th graders will be putting on a Veteran's Day concert in a week.  It will be my first concert at my new school!
  • I am moving to a new apartment in the very near future!  I will conveniently located in between work and dance.  I just now have the added stress of packing all my things up and moving when Oireachtas practicing is reaching critical mass.

Goals: Dance confidently at the feis
Days till Os: 31

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