Not your typical St. Patrick's Day

We are just over halfway to St. Patrick's Day 2014, Irish dance fans!  I only now realized that I didn't mention anything here on Rince go Bragh about what I did almost six months ago on the actual St. Patrick's Day, so I thought I'd clue you in.  St. Patrick's Day was celebrated a little differently this year: on an airplane.

You see, my at-the-time boyfriend enlisted in the Army.  Shortly after the new year turned, he left for Fort Benning, Georgia to begin a new chapter of his life as an infantryman.  When I was told that he had a weekend off between basic training and advanced individual training, I jumped right onto booking my flight and getting a hotel.  There was only a short moment of hesitation because his family weekend happened to fall on St. Patrick's weekend.  I knew I would be letting my dance family down by not being available, but I felt that seeing him was more important.

I was able to celebrate in my own wee way that St. Patrick's Sunday.  I napped to slip jigs and sets on the plane.  While lounging in the Atlanta airport, I managed to do so in true Irish dancers style by wearing poodle socks over black leggings.  The top half of my body was celebrating all the wonderful things about March and being an Irish dancer.  Selection Sunday happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day this year, making my t-shirt choice all the more appropriate.

I am currently making up for missing my usual slew of dance outs by having back-to-back Saturdays with dance performances. (In September nonetheless!)  Last Saturday, my dance school was able to perform with (and between sets) of the Dublin City Ramblers.

I also rocked a bun wig for the first time in a while.
You can catch myself and the Maple Academy again this weekend (and other Northern Virginia dance schools) at the Fairfax Irish festival Saturday at Van Dyck Park in Fairfax, VA. 

Goals: Start daily 20 minute practices again
Days till Os: 80

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  1. I also got to dance for the Ramblers a few years back! Aren't they the sweetest guys?? I'll get to see them again Saturday; can't wait! :-)


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