Irish dancer Christmas gifts!

I was on the receiving end of a handful of Irish dance-themes Christmas gifts this year, which I thought I'd share because they are so cute and thoughtful!

The first gift was from my little sister's boyfriend.  He bought me these lovely shamrock socks that I have already worn to dance practice in lieu of my normal poodle socks.  Ironically I have a second pair of these socks that go up to my knees in this exact pattern.  I can mix and match for crazy sock days at my schools!

From my mom, I received my own pair of FeisFeet slippers!  Now I have ghillies that are always super comfy and warm!

Finally, to for myself, I am in the works of buying an Elevations Design dress.  I can't wait till it arrives in time for nationals this summer!

Goals: Hornpipe 2nd and 3rd
Days till NANs: 176

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