2013 Goals and Aspirations

It's amazing how far I have come in the world of Irish dance.  When I started in 2007 as an adult beginner, my only goal was to simply learn anything and everything about this amazing dance form I have admired for so many years.  A year later, my goals shifted to the realm of competitive dance; something I swore to myself I'd never do after spending nearly a decade as a competitive gymnast.  Little by little, I upped the ante for myself from getting to novice, to preparing for prizewinner, to competing at my first Oireachtas and moving to the champ levels.  Now that I'm at the top level of dance, it's weird to me that my goals have hardly changed at all.

Granted, I did spend 75% of last year injured or recovering from an injury.

For 2013, my goals include to:
  1. Continue to improve my turnout and cross technique in my dancing,
  2. Begin to place more consistently in my competitions at feiseanna,
  3. Recall at nationals, and ultimately
  4. Qualify for the world championships as a soloist.
I aspire to be the best team member I can be by coming to practice with a pleasant and helpful attitude.  I aspire for good health and stamina.

In other news for this year...
  • Feiseanna and majors I will be present at:
    • World Championships (March)
    • CCE Feis (May)
    • Old Dominion Feis (June)
    • North American Nationals (July)
    • Rhythm of Ireland Feis (October)
    • Feis Culkin (November)
    • Southern Region Oireachtas (December)
  • New dress, new dress by Elevation Designs!
  • If you're wondering where the Shut the Feis Up posts disappeared to, the author (my boyfriend) has enlisted in the Army.  He is currently at basic training in Georgia, so he is unable to continue to write blog posts.
Goals: Work through new hornpipes and reels
Days till NANs: 179


  1. I Think that you should do a video on Turnout stretches and just basically stuff to improve turn out. Yeah, that'd be cool and much appreciated ;-)

  2. Great Goals Sara! Do you have the dress yet? Post photos when you do!


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