Beating the winter chill

In which I post some of my favorite new winter dance outfits because I am upping my dance attitude by looking great.  Also, don't forget to support me to become the Top Dance Blog overall and in the recreational dancer category by voting here!

My go to clothing choice for chilly night of solo class lately has usually consisted of leggings.  I can begin to describe to you how awesome dancing in athletic leggings by saying: warm legging hugs.  Pull your poodle socks up over the top of them, and roll into class with a stylin' pullover and infinity scarf.  Mix up your next layer and still look cute: pull out that Oireachtas shirt, go for dance chic with an athletic top, or wear a tank if you foresee lots of sweating in your future.  I've done them all and felt fab in each one.

Solo Class, 1

On team practice days, I like to be comfortable and stylish.  Less time spent on intense dancing means layering up is essential for me.  Pair yoga pants with a tank and a pullover with with thumb holes (essential to stop sleeves from riding up or getting in the way!).  My personal preference for dance shoes are Pumas because they are light and not bulky.  If my feet are sore or can't handle ghillies at the third hour of team practice, I will switch into these.  Bonus: almost all of this outfit was bought on sale at Target!

Team Practice

I hope I've given you some great and stylish ways to brave dance on cold nights.  Stay warm in these last (hopefully short) weeks of winter!

Goals: Finalize hornpipe 2nd step
Days till NANs: 158


  1. Congrats on the Top Dance Blogs category win! Way to go!

  2. I love these fun work out clothes!!!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. Yes I like to be comfortable and stylish. Less time spent on intense dancing means layering up is essential for me.nice blog

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