The Oireachtas (solos)

The Star Spangled Girl With the Curls makes an appearance!

Something about the Oireachtas morning warm up session had me off.  I kept confusing my second and third treble jig step as I ran through them.  Getting on stage to actually dance my treble jig, all that I forced to go through my brain was my body knows what to do, stop brain-ing it up.  So what did I do?  I forgot how the beginning of my third step went on the left foot.  Right in front of my TCRG and one of the judges. (Who I happened to meet in the elevator that morning and she consequently told me to stretch out and travel because the stages were huge.)  I knew I at least had a solid second round.  I could not have nailed my slip jig any more than what I did that Saturday.  Of all the times I wish I had a video of myself dancing, that would be the moment I want on film.  My stamina didn't give out.  I smiled.  I was so magnificently confident in how I danced.

Maple senior dancers
Waiting for recalls was a time for multi-tasking.  The senior ladies received a participators' patch.  We took pictures with the Christmas scenery.  I prepared another senior dancer's make up for teams later that afternoon.  I managed to stuff down half of a roast beef sandwich for lunch.  I knew that this was one of the last moments of calm to myself during the day, as I had three team dances to get through yet, so I isolated myself to get my thoughts in order for my set.

I have a history of weak set dances at Oireachtas.  In 2010, I died so much at the end of Drunken Gauger that I missed a part at the end.  With last year's Planxty Drury, I lacked rhythm.  With this year's Planxty Drury, I danced hard, but I missed so may beats that unless the judges were deaf (they weren't), I would be docked.  It's all because of my catch-22: to dance now, I have to tape my ankles.  If I tape my ankles, I miss trebles because my ankles are restricted.  I loosened the tape, but still I have troubles.

I am so not impressed.
Again, I met personal disappointment as solo results were called that evening.  Being the last number on the program, I waited with bated breath through all the other numbers, watching my friends be named as world qualifiers.  When the announcer called "...and number 81," I could feel the reality of my own personal let down sink into my stomach.  As I was coming to terms with yet another year of not qualifying, the group waiting backstage became smaller and smaller. All I could hope for was not 16th.  Not again, for the third year in a row did I want to be the first non-qualifier.  I was announced as 19th, so I took the stage with my fellow senior ladies to watch the rest of the results unfold.

It took until the next day for it to sink in that I had only been preparing since October, due to spending most of the year injured.  With all that, I still placed 19th.  I haven't improved much in my placements, but I also didn't do any worse than before injuries.

Goals: Learn hornpipes/reels
Days till NANs: 205

Bonus: Watch the senior ladies' results!

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  1. I'm so so sorry for your disappointment :-( I'm thinking happy thoughts for you and I hope you do better at your next major competition.


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