Blog Challenge: I am grateful for...

  1. Physical therapists.
  2. Athletic tape and ankle braces and Advil.
  3. The TCs who take time out of their day to help us choreograph steps, improve our dancing, and make dance class a fun place to be.
  4. Happy and positive team members.
  5. Tanning salons to receive that "natural glow" in the middle of fall.
  6. Wigs that make hairdos a snap.
  7. Sock glue.
  8. Duct tape.
  9. Padded ghillies, and...
  10. Supportive dance friends who cheer each other on, despite being each other's competition come Oireachtas day.

Goals: Stamina tonight, rest my legs the next three days.
Days till Os: 10

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