Feis-ionable shoes

I first saw colored ghillies at the 2010 Oireachtas and told myself I'd only buy them if I was ever in the position to participate in a parade of champions.  At that time, seeing dancers with colored shoes was extremely rare, and I'm not really one to be labeled as a 'trend setter' in the Irish dance world.  Two years later, colored ghillies are still not commonplace, but are seen at more awards ceremonies, especially at this years NANs.

In May, as a back-to-dance present to myself, I bought red ghillies to match my solo.  I love them, even though I haven't worn them except for a handful picture purposes.  The only extreme downside to these shoes is that they cannot be worn in actual competition.  As dancing shoes go, they are not very practical.  Why spend $80 for shoes you really only wear while accepting awards?

Colored shoes that can be worn in competition have been all the rage in the Irish dance world, especially at this year's world championships with the release of the Iconic whites by John Carey.  Seeing white on heavies is the first of many major changes that Irish dancers have seen in years to this type of shoe.  Now, almost all Irish dancing shoe companies offer their version of black and white heavies.

Despite these shoes being extremely popular, I'm not one to jump on this particular trend.  This mainly has to do that I despise breaking in new heavies.  I would prefer new shoes that are wearable out of the box (which I have yet to find), or my old trusty heavies.

Getting back to topic... Yes, I may tape the strap of my heavy shoe, but I do not see the point of making my already tiny foot look tinier.  Some dancers claim it accentuates turnout and the line of your foot.  It could just be that the dancers at the forefront of this trend have good turnout and great feet regardless of the white.  I say that you can achieve that look for much less with white electrical tape.  Plus, white electrical tape is easier to clean than white leather: just remove and replace it!

Love 'em or hate 'em, colored shoes seem to be here to stay.

Goals: Ab exercises
Days till Os: 88

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  1. Cécile in Paris4.9.12

    Great minds think alike: I have exactly the same opinion as you about black and white heavies, which is what are you going to do when the white gets dirty and can't be cleaned? Put white tape on it? Better to put white tape on heavies that fit you already.


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