Blog Challenge: Inspiring video

In honor of back to school and back to dance, September's blog challenge is to post an inspiring dance video.

One of my favorite inspiring Irish dance videos is the trailer to Jig.

I first saw this trailer right before I left for New York to compete in my first open champ feis.  At the time, I was training for my first world championship.  Being able to watch this video on the daily gave me that much more excitement for the competition I was about to dance in.  Watching such awesome dancers live out their own worlds journey, even if only in a two minute video clip really gave me that extra boost to practice.  The makers of the trailer packed in all the quintessential elements that I love about Irish dancing.  And come on, Mike Stobbie did such a good job on the music that you can't help but move.

Goals: PT exercises
Days till Os: 79

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