The 2012 breakdown, part 2

With 100 days left until I dance at the Oireachtas, I think its a good time to do a goals check in.  (Remember this post from the beginning of the year where I outlined my ideal year in dance?)

My original goals for the year:
  1. Improve turnout
  2. Place at least once in opens
  3. Place higher at nationals (60th in 2010)
  4. Qualify for worlds
Unfortunately, due to two major injuries, including six torn ligaments, I need to update my goals. In all actuality, I will not attend any local feiseanna this year to place in.  I was unable to attend nationals.  This leaves me with two goals:
  1. Improve turnout
  2. Qualify for worlds
I want to qualify to compete at worlds as a soloist. This has secretly been my ultimate goal since 2009 when I started this blog.  I will be completely crushed if my injuries keep me from this goal.  On that note, I will for sure be doing teams at the Oireachtas.  I will be in a figure choreography, which can still give me a chance to be on a worlds stage.  There is just that uncertainty for solos due to my most recent injury and the months of recovery time I still have ahead of me.

My goal for the year will be to go to worlds. Even if just for teams.  Period end of story.

Goals: Heal.
Days till Os: 100

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  1. irishdancer93.9.12

    Good luck! But haven't you already danced solos at worlds?


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