The 2012 breakdown

Happy new year to all! After a month's hiatus from both dance and blogging, I'm ready to get back into it! I have big plans for this year, including finding a real job now that I'm a college graduate, and also a few new things for the blog!

Goals for the year:
Most people are coming up with new dance goals for the year, however, mine stay the same this time! Those goals are...
  1. Improve turnout
  2. Place at least once in opens
  3. Place higher at nationals (60th in 2010)
  4. Qualify for worlds
I ended 2011 with only accomplishing two of my goals: improving turn out and placing once in opens. I would like to continue to improve my turn out this year, especially in my hard shoe dances. As for placements, I would like to improve from placing last to some where near placing, if not placing. Doing this, I know I need to turn out more and just find that championship sharpness every time I go out to compete. The biggest goal for the year is to qualify for worlds. I have spent the last two years now on the cusp of being a WQ, just one place shy. I was lucky in 2011; there was an adjudicating conflict. Not so much this year. I would like to say I have qualified for worlds at the Oireachtas, and compete in worlds on American soil before I retire.

Feiseanna to attend:
  1. Four Provinces or CCE (if held)
  2. Old Dominion
  3. Nationals
  4. Rhythm of Ireland
  5. Feis Culkin
  6. SRO
Blog happenings:
  • My biggest announcement is that this year, I plan to make 12 Irish Dance How-To videos/written tutorials. I will release one each month, and the subjects vary from warming up, to ab workouts, to crafting tutorials! I am really excited to get this under way and you should be too (because. . . )
  • . . . Craft tutorials = giveaways!
  • Shut the Feis Up (STFU): I will continue to pester my boyfriend to write about Irish dance this year, starting with his reaction of the Oireachtas.
  • Of course, I will also continue to keep you updated on what's happening in the dance world from my perspective!

Goals: Nail down the first 8 bars of Kilkenny Races set
Days till NANs: 181

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  1. Love it! I really enjoy reading your blog :) Congrats on all your success and best of luck in 2012! Looking forward to your new fun posts!


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