Five things injured dancers want to hear

Building upon last injury's 'five things dancers are tired of hearing' post, here are five things injured dancers want to hear.

5. "Wanna hang out?"
Just because I'm injured doesn't mean I can't be social.  Offer us rides to grab dinner or dance class.  Come over and have a movie marathon while we're stuck on the couch.  Having friends around us gives us something to take our minds off the injury and helps the time pass faster!

4. "Hey look, you're off of crutches."
...Or out of your boot, walking with no braces, etc.  Noticing the little victories fills us injureds with such pride.  These 'little victories' are huge leaps up mountains to us.

3. You will be able to dance when you're healed.
Definitely from an authority like your doctor.

2. Short and sweet messages of inspiration.
It doesn't have to be the longest or most inspiring story.  A simple "You can do it" or "My heart goes out to you" can do wonders. (But please, saying 'You'll be better soon' may not be your best option.  See this article for why.)

1. You are healed and cleared to start dancing again.
Again, from an authority like your doctor.  There is nothing like being able to return to your passion.

Goals: Heal some more
Days till Os: 108

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