Five things injured dancers are tired of hearing

Here is a list of things I have heard from those lovely folks who have little to no knowledge of the dance world and the hazards they didn't know we face.  This is a joke and let's face it, we hear it all...

5. Heeeeeere comes Gimpy!
Or Crutches.  Sir Crutch-A-Lot.  Lame Leg.  My name has remained the same, and having walking aides does not change that.

4. The story of how your best friend's aunt's little sister's math teacher broke her ankle while skiing.
Humans need to feel connected to everything I suppose, and although telling me stories of how people were injured and healed up should make me feel optimistic, but how is this relevant?

3. Does it hurt?
Take a second and think before asking.  If it didn't hurt, I don't think I'd have a cast and crutches.

2. I am just SO sorry!
I know you just want me to feel better, and I know you think sympathy is the answer, but there is no reason you should be apologizing.  My injury is not your fault.  I will be back to my normal life in a few months after lots of dedication and hard work.

1. Oh. My. Gosh. What happened to you?!
There are two ways to explain this.  I could tell someone that I completely tore my antertior talofibular ligament and partially tore my calcaneofibular and deltoid ligaments in my ankle by doing a plushenko during the drill portion of my weekly Irish dance class.  It is usually way simpler to say, "I'm a dancer and I had a bad landing," and avoid the awkward stares and quizzical looks before the subject is promptly changed.  I almost need a sign for the amount of times I have been asked.

Goals: Heal up


  1. Aw... Great turn out, even with the boot :) Follow up post idea: What is the right thing to say to an injured dancer?? Now I'm curious!!

  2. Cecileinparis1.3.12

    Ok, then I'll take it all back, I'm not sorry you're injured and I regret having shared the story of my own injury in order to give you hope that you can have a complete recovery. Why don't you wear a T-shirt that says "I don't even want to talk about it." so people won't even try to sympathize...

    1. I meant this completely as a joke of things I have been hearing from non-dancers, which wasn't clarified due to an oversight of mine. Thank you for making me realize this; sometimes strangers are the best reviewers! I'm sorry if you were offended, and I do actually like to hear of dancers who overcame a setback.

    2. Cecileinparis2.3.12

      I'm glad you were being ironic and not being unkind to people who sympathize with you. I hope you're getting the best treatment possible for your injury and that you aren't getting too frustrated.

  3. Anonymous1.3.12

    I can totally relate with this! Especially the first one. Last time I was in the boot my name was changed to Bootsy.... and it's even harder trying to explain falling during a plushenko when they don't know what it is!

  4. "Oh. My. Gosh. What happened to you?!"
    My favourite line ever. I've sprained my ankle dancing a few days ago, for the second time in six months and this question is getting kinda old :D
    And it's closely followed by "Again???"

    I hope you'll feel better soon. I know you from tumblr but I discovered your blog just now so I am going to look around here a bit ;)


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