Old Dominion Feis 2011

You know those feiseanna where you look at the competitior list and just know you have no hope? That happened to me the Wednesday before the Old Dominion feis. One of my competitors just won nationals a few days ago. Another of my competitors was the reason why I went to worlds this year (out via association). At least two others placed top five at the Oireachtas this past year.

Lets just say it's a good thing that I set goals for myself that have nothing to do with placements.

I helped run stages all morning, which I sort of enjoy. I like organizing things, as well as seeing all the cute tiny dancers. If only the gym wasn't so darn hot... Anywho, after that I went and searched out a new headband for my new hairstyle. I decided that I would dye my hair back to it's natural dark reddish brown state, and cut of my full wigs into a bun wig. I think it turned out pretty well, and with the heat of the feis, it was a good plan.

I danced later on in the afternoon. I decided to break out my new steps (for the Oireachtas), which made me more nervous than I should have been. My goal for the feis was to make it through without stopping or forgetting what comes next. I can't just make things easy on myself: I had these steps for about a month, and I had never made it through them without a little blunder until the feis. I feel really good about how I did, but purely because I made it through all three rounds. I ended up placing 10th out of 11. I just can't catch a break in these open champ competitions. On another good note, my grandparents (who live in Nebraska) were able to come and watch. They haven't seen me dance since the 2009 Oireachtas.

Goals: Start practicing again


  1. katherine few6.7.11

    i love reading how your doing in feis and about your dancing, i think you're doing a great job keep up the hard work! i have the same problem as u i always mess up new steps all the time when i come to a feis i'm so worried i wont remember then for the first time it seems to come together :) i don't really understand how the feis's work in over in america and canada they are so different from here in england but it sounds like you're doing great and in open which if its like over here is the top competiton! can't wait to read more xx

  2. Thank you for your kind words!


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