Phew, dance class.

First dance practice back after a month today. I am feeling much better about my lack of motivation to practice now. It seems that I just didn't know where I was going to be heading with my steps, but now that I do, I know what needs to happen.

Most of practice tonight was tweaking small things about my steps. I am learning this fancy new leap thing I can't even describe (or do well) for my slip jig lead. Two small parts have been changed in my treble jig, one to add variety in my second step, and another to fix (read: cover up) some rhythm part in my third step. There has also been a tweak to the beginning of one of my sets (The Hunt) which needs major practice as it involves something I've never done before. I am also learning the open champ version of Drunken Gauger. THAT will be a doozy to finish learning and to eventually perform for nationals and the Oireachtas (and other feiseanna too).

I did find out senior ladies is doing reel/hornpipe for nationals and the Os for this year. (YES YES YES!! OH MY GOD, YES!!) I ALSO found out that it's 99% confirmed that I will be attending the 2011 World Irish dance championships in Dublin! And probably not just for solos too, but we also might be taking the figure.

Okay, all this positive from dance class tonight, did leave one negative. . . my feet are killing me (blisters), and my muscles are weak, so I am sore. . .

Goals: Turnout and break in shoes
Days till worlds: 99

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