The dilemma right now.

It is so hard to motivate myself to practice.

I know I have all these goals for the year. I know if I want to break in my shoes and better my turnout that I need to work on it every day.

Part of my lack of motivation that I haven't done any physical activity since the Oireachtas. And since classes finished, my usual schedule has been disrupted, so my drive to get stuff done (practicing dance and music) has diminished.

Another part is that I don't know what I should be doing to improve my turnout. I have been told to do a bunch of different drills. I've been told to watch my feet while I dance (and I can totally see that I'm not turning out). I give it my all when I dance and my feet still look straight. So that brings me to: is my body structure just that kind where I am just going to have minimal turnout?

I'm stuck here. Any tips readers?

Goals: Turnout, break in shoes
Days till . . .

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  1. There are some exercise you can easily do every evening to improve your turn-out.
    (I usually do them before I fell asleep and every morning before I got up)
    The first is called "frog" You sit or lie and bend your knees. Feet should be close and "faced" to each other, then you start lower you knees (they should be faced to different sides) till they reach floor (our you bad)) )
    The second. You sit and do "a swish" with one of your leg, then you bend another leg into "a swish" (but the first is still kept in "swish position" too)
    So you sit and have your leg crossed, your knees faced forward, and have heels near your hips (Left near the right and vice versa. Then you start slightly weigh on your top knee (but be careful! It should be without pain!) and keep this position for some time.

    I hope it will help. Actually there is a good film about turn-out it is called "Analyzing turnout"

    I'm lucky I have good turnout, but I hope you'll have it soon too. ( my swish ))


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