New Year, New Goals

Happy new year! Here's to hoping that 2011 is way better than 2010 was. (For me, that won't be too difficult to achieve.) That being said, and after much forethought, here are my dance goals for the year:
  1. Improve turnout
  2. Place at least once in opens
  3. Place higher at nationals
  4. Qualify for worlds
Ok, ok, a lot of this has to do with how well I do at competitions, I know. However, pending goal one is actually achieved, that should help with the placing at competitions, local and majors.

2011 preview:
  • I will be attending two majors for sure again this year (NANs, and SRO). A third is unsure at the moment, just waiting for some kind of official announcement as to if I can go. The list of adjudicators is out for nationals, and although my teacher put his name in, his name ended up not being chosen, so I will be headed to Nansville Nashville over July 4th weekend to dance there. And, I hope I can attend the SRO this year. I will be student teaching this fall, so I hope I can continue dance classes, even if I'm not as involved with feiseanna this fall. Assuming I can, I'll be going to Orlando for the Oireachtas in December.
  • This spring/summer will mark my first feis as an open champ. I plan on attending as many as I can this summer to make up for whatever I won't be able to attend this fall. Here's the feiseanna I plan to do as of now: CCE, Old Dominion, Nat Cap, Delaware, ROI, and Culkin. On the fence as to whether or not to attend: Four Provinces, Feis at the Fair, Peter Smith, Lynn Academy, and Baltimore. I might only choose one or two off this maybe list, depending on money and my schedule...
Goals: Break in hardshoes, work on turnout
Days till . . . still don't know what I'm counting down to. Sigh.

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