Today, I'm having a very successful practice session:

  1. I remember three treble jig steps! Mind you, the last step is not one of the new ones. It's the old third step I did at the Oireachtas last December. I can honestly say I dislike the newest third step, and not just because I can't remember the end, but because it has that stupid rhythm part at the end, which I know I will not do well ever in a million years because I have turn out and rhythm issues. Here's to hoping I can keep just that one old step. The other two steps are the new ones, and I'll have to admit, I did modify the end of the first to get rid of another stupid rhythm part. I totally "had" these rhythm parts back in January when I was obsessing over them before we found out we're not doing jigs for nationals. We'll see how my modification goes over at class tomorrow...
  2. I just went through my hornpipe and was not dying at the end! I even went back and did my half step after waiting eight bars, and was perfectly fine. Guess that means my stamina is good, although this phenomenon may have something to do with the fact that I only have 8 feet to travel instead of a whole stage. All that running around (travelling) really tires you out.
What was not successful: Drunken Gauger. It took me about five tries before I got though it without forgetting something or messing up. C'est la vie... I guess I should practice The Hunt every once and while again. I'll need a contrasting set for worlds next year. :)

Goals: remember the slip jig, keep practicing Drunken Gauger
Days till Nans: 25

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  1. Haven't heard from your blog in awhile... how is the progress?


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