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Feis Report: CCE Feis
Ta-da! The first time I've ever placed at a prelim feis! There I am in fourth place. I'm going to go ahead and say that the CCE feis is my favorite feis ever. I love the venue, the stages are nice (but slippery), and it's really well-run. The schedule this year surprised me. Typically, old ladies prelims is one of the last competitions of the day, but at the particular feis, we were the fifth competition. it was nice to be done and out of there by 1pm. Overall, I'm really pleased with how I did, the only thing that I felt I could have done away with was my nerves. I'm sure it was mostly due to it being my first feis since the Oireachtas in December. Luckily, I have one more to get nerves out of my system before nationals...
Up next: Old Dominion feis, June 19

Riverdance, farewell performance:
I went with a few other girls from dance class to the performance last Thursday, and seriously, it was the best I'd ever seen it. Aside from spending it with awesome people, and seeing about half the dancers from my dance school there, the experience was completely awesome. It was a refreshing change, having seen Lord of the Dance back in April. Live musicians, not pre-recording the dancers shoes, the dancers being spot on... My only complaint was that the lead singer had multiple issues from a pedogological standpoint, and I feel like I could've done it better... Other than that, it was a performance I will remember for the rest of my life. I know this will sound so cheesy, but it's things like this that remind me why I do this stuff. I act about the same as a kid in a candy store while I watch. One can also not forget the failed attempt at getting picture with the dancers. Oh, we stalked them alright, and stood outside of their bus giggling for a while with no proof of our efforts, other than feeling like a creeper.

And oh yeah, the senior ladies are doing jigs for the Oireachtas this year. (say WHAT?!) It's a good thing that I learned these at the workshop over new years and haven't practiced them since January when we found out senior ladies are doing reel/hornpipe for nationals. Tell me, on what planet does that make sense? At least I know I'm not alone in this craziness. All the other senior ladies are in the same boat as me, having to learn new dances with only five months to perfect them. Unless they have been super on the ball and been doing all four. Which I most certainly will be doing until nationals is over.

It's nice to see they have the schedule out for nationals. My days will look a little like this:
July 3rd: Arrive in Orlando at 5pm
July 4th: I'm in competition 1B, so hornpipes at 8am, reels at 9:30pm, and sets (if I recall) at 3pm. Awards at 6pm. Then Disney fireworks, probably at EPCOT, since it's just across from the Swan and Dolphin hotel where we're staying/the competition is happening.
July 5th: Figure at 5pm, awards at 7pm.
July 6th: Go crazy in Disney World
July 7th: Leave Orlando

Preparing for nationals is like a totally different mind frame from the Oireachtas. I am not feeling any pressure at all right now. Although there is less than a month, I am not freaking out. I don't know if this is because it hasn't hit me yet, or if I don't feel as anxious because I know how these big competitions work now. I nationals it is a good opportunity, if not to see how I place against dancers outside my region, then to see and watch dancers from around the world who have been doing this their entire lives. I'm really not going into this expecting anything spectacular. I think I will gain more from the experience, and if hey, I come home with a medal, than that's all the more icing on the cake. Going to Disney World with your best friend will be an experience in itself.

Goals: Re-learn slip jig and treble jig
Days till NANs: 26

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