Almost NANs time...

Feis report: Old Dominion Feis
So I don't have any pictures for this feis, but let me just say... it's so nice to have a place on the podium. I am really proud of all my other Maple girls in my competition for sweeping third through sixth places. I ended up third place over all. I am really proud of what I did at this feis. It was that first stepping stone to me feeling ready for nationals this Sunday.
Up next: NANs, July 4th-5th

I am currently recovering from a minor freak out. My iTunes library decided to vanish as I was going to do my last practice before nationals run through. I had to wait 20 minutes for my poor laptop to find all the music files and put them back... I haven't even gotten to re-making my playlists. I don't know what this is going to mean for my iPod when I plug it on to charge it. Hopefully it doesn't act too lost...

Goals: PACK
Days till NANs: 2!!

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