Dear feis gods...

Right now is the time when I start praying to the feis gods to PLEASE let me make it through my hornpipe at the feis Sunday... Sure, I can make it through, but everytime I do it in class, I am so dead by the end of my second step, and therefore my half step is not pretty. And there is that possibility that maybe I'm just so tired by the time we get to hard shoe at class on Wednesday nights, because by then, we have done the figure a few times, as well as reels... Luckily at feiseanna, we do hard shoe first, so I'm banking on that... Hopefully, what I lack in hornpipe is made up in my reel. Today, it felt so good, like I was flying, which is how my slip jig felt before the Oireachtas last December.

And I also have to wonder if it would be acceptable to wear concealer on my legs... I have perpetual bruises on my knees from kneeling in the figure, and they most certainly will not disappear by Sunday...

CCE feis report
Riverdance performance (June 3rd)

Goals: Stamina
Days till NANs: 38 (ARGH, wtf!)

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