Some Farewells...

Nationals syllabus came out a few weeks ago. Guess what the senior ladies are dancing? You guessed it, not the two dances I learned at the workshop. We are, in fact, dancing reel and hornpipe, farewell jigs. I was sad for a few minutes after I heard that news--I had finally just nailed the rhythm parts of the treble jig that were bothering me the week before the NANs syllabus came out. Since then, I have learned the first two steps of hornpipe, and have picked up the lead to the reel. Hopefully I can finish them off in my dance class tonight, but who knows... The All-Irelands are this week, so I don't know how big the class will be/who will be there to teach me the steps.

Also, I sold my pink solo dress! It was a bittersweet moment when I shipped it off Monday. It was my first solo, and I did well with it. I hope the new owner loves it as much as I did.

Goals: Finish learning reel and hornpipe
Days till NANs: 136

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